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Daily Beast Investigates Matt Gaetz’s Alleged Relationship with Megan Zalonka

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Megan Zalonka

The Daily Beast, a news outlet known for its investigative journalism, has recently released a report that sheds light on the relationship between Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz and Megan Zolanka, an amateur Instagram model and former escort.

Gaetz has been under the media’s scrutiny for the past few weeks for his alleged involvement in sex trafficking and prostitution, which he has vehemently denied. This piece of investigative journalism delves further into the details of his alleged connections with Megan Zolanka, providing a more in-depth and nuanced analysis of the matter.

The report is based on extensive research, interviews, and analysis of various pieces of evidence, including text messages, photographs, and travel records, among other things. The Daily Beast’s investigation aims to uncover the truth behind these allegations.  

In this blog post we will provide a comprehensive account of the matter, allowing the public to make an informed judgment. Just keep reading, by the end of this article you will get the whole information of this horrible incident. 

Megan Zolanka: An escort and a no-show contractor

Megan Zolanka had a unique relationship with Congressman Matt Gaetz’s associate Joel Greenberg. According to sources and government records obtained by The Daily Beast, Megan Zalonka was allegedly paid between $7,000 to $17,500 of taxpayer money.

This whole money was for a no-show job, which facilitated her relationship with Greenberg.  Zolanka’s connection with Greenberg allowed her to secure the job, which involved no actual work, and receive payment.

Research also indicates that Megan Zolanka is reported to have been a paid escort for Congressman Matt Gaetz, who has been accused of sex trafficking and prostitution. Zolanka’s relationship with Gaetz and Greenberg is of particular interest due to the ongoing investigations into the congressman’s alleged involvement in illegal activities.

By providing details about Megan Zolanka’s connections with Gaetz and Greenberg, the article aims to provide a deeper understanding of the situation and shed light on potential illegal activities that may have occurred.

Gaetz’s relationship with Megan Zolanka:

The recent allegations against Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz have taken another shocking turn with the emergence of two witnesses confirming that he attended a GOP fundraiser in Orlando in 2019 with Megan Zolanka, a former escort and amateur Instagram model.

According to the witnesses, Megan Zalonka is believed to have led a cocaine-fueled party after the event, with Gaetz in attendance. While there is no confirmation if they had sex that night, it is believed that they had an ongoing financial relationship, with Gaetz paying her in exchange for sexual favors.

The revelations have brought Gaetz’s public relations firm under scrutiny, as they have refused to comment on the allegations, further fueling speculations about the Congressman’s involvement with Megan Zolanka.

These new allegations, coupled with the previous accusations of sex trafficking and prostitution, paint a disturbing picture of the Congressman’s personal life and raise serious questions about his fitness to hold public office.

The allegations against Gaetz have sparked widespread condemnation, with many calling for him to resign from Congress. The case has also highlighted the issue of the exploitation of vulnerable women and the need for stricter laws to protect them.

While Gaetz continues to deny the allegations, the mounting evidence against him is likely to have serious consequences for his political career and personal life.

Megan Zolanka arrangement with Greenberg – A mystery:

According to an investigative report by The Daily Beast, Megan Zolanka relationship with Joel Greenberg began in 2017 when he made payments to her totaling $4,000 through Venmo in $500 installments.

Megan Zolanka later established her own company called MZ Strategy Group LLC, and Greenberg provided her with a county contract, which paid her a monthly fee of $3,500 for the “management of digital content” and “production of social media engagements.” 

Despite receiving the contract, it was found that Megan Zalonka never worked in the office, raising concerns about the legitimacy of the contract.

Moreover, the investigation revealed that the Megan Zolanka company was not the only one to receive questionable contracts from Greenberg. The former Seminole County tax collector is currently facing federal charges for sex trafficking, stalking, and other crimes.

He was also found to have used taxpayer funds for personal expenses, including prostitutes and cryptocurrency investments. The revelation of Megan Zalonka’s alleged no-show job only adds to the mounting evidence against Greenberg and raises further questions about the extent of corruption within Florida’s political circles.

Federal investigation into Greenberg’s alleged role:

The Secret Service has launched an investigation into Joel Greenberg, who is accused of using county resources to mine Bitcoin. While there has been no official statement from federal prosecutors with the Middle District of Florida regarding questioning Megan Zolanka, it is believed that Greenberg will plead guilty to six felonies and provide testimony against Matt Gaetz.

Greenberg’s cooperation with the authorities could prove crucial in the investigation into Gaetz, who is under scrutiny for alleged sex trafficking and having sex with a minor. As part of his plea deal, Greenberg is expected to provide information to investigators regarding his alleged crimes as well as any potential wrongdoing by Gaetz.

The investigation has been ongoing for several months, and Greenberg’s cooperation could potentially lead to a breakthrough in the case. The allegations have sparked widespread controversy and calls for Gaetz’s resignation, with many politicians and advocacy groups calling for a full investigation into the matter.

As the investigation continues, the public and the media remain eager for any new developments and information.

Megan Zolanka communications with Greenberg – An unaccounted for purchase:

According to a public records request, an analysis of Greenberg’s government spending revealed that he paid Megan Zolanka $3,500 in Seminole County taxpayer funds in both January and April 2018.

These payments were made to Megan Zolanka through her company, MZ Strategy Group LLC, for “management of digital content” and “production of social media engagements.” However, auditors from the forensic accounting firm MSL flagged these payments as “questioned or unaccounted for purchase.”

It is unclear what services Megan Zalonka provided to Seminole County for this payment, as she never worked in the office. Additionally, the fact that Greenberg awarded the contract to Zolanka, a former escort and amateur Instagram model, raises questions about the ethical and legal implications of using taxpayer funds for personal gain. 

The use of taxpayer funds for personal gain is a serious offense that can lead to criminal charges and severe consequences. In this case, the fact that these payments were flagged as questionable or unaccounted for only adds to the suspicion surrounding Greenberg and his alleged involvement in illicit activities.

It remains to be seen what the outcome of this investigation will be and what, if any, legal action will be taken against those involved in the misuse of taxpayer funds.

Megan Zolanka business relationship with Greenberg – A facade of legitimacy:

The business relationship between Megan Zolanka and Joel Greenberg seems to have been a sham, designed to legitimize the flow of taxpayer funds into Megan Zolanka  company, MZ Strategy Group LLC.

Greenberg awarded her a county contract, paying her $3,500 a month for “management of digital content” and “production of social media engagements.” However, there is no evidence to suggest that Megan Zolanka ever provided any services to the county in exchange for these payments.

In fact, auditors contracted by the county flagged these payments as a “no-show” contract, implying that Megan Zolanka was being paid for work she never did.

These payments were made in January and April 2018, and the auditors from the Florida forensic accounting firm MSL determined that they were “questioned or unaccounted for purchases.”

This suggests that Megan Zalonka relationship with Greenberg was not only fraudulent but potentially illegal, as taxpayer funds were being used to pay for services that were never rendered. It is unclear at this time what actions, if any, were taken by county officials or law enforcement to investigate these payments, but the fact that they were flagged by auditors suggests that there may have been concerns about impropriety in the awarding of this contract.

The fact that Megan Zolanka never worked in the office raises further questions about the legitimacy of this arrangement. If Zolanka was being paid to provide “digital content management” and “social media engagement production,” it seems unlikely that she would not have needed to work in the office at some point.

The lack of transparency and apparent lack of services rendered suggest that this was a way for Greenberg to funnel taxpayer funds to Megan Zolanka without any real accountability or oversight.

The nature of this relationship, combined with other allegations surrounding Gaetz and Greenberg, raises serious concerns about the integrity of the political process in Florida and the potential for corruption among elected officials and their associates.


The investigation into Gaetz’s alleged involvement in sex trafficking and prostitution is ongoing, and the allegations against him and Megan Zolanka are yet to be proven.

However, the details of Megan Zalonka no-show contract and her communications with Greenberg raise questions about the legality of her relationship with Megan Zolanka also interacted with Gaetz on social media, including liking a picture of the two of them together posted by the congressman on Instagram in 2018. 

According to a source with direct knowledge of the interaction. The caption of the photo included the nickname “Baby Gaetz.”

According to three sources familiar with the encounters, Gaetz liked to discuss politics and the news with his paid partners, sometimes even showing them confidential memos and other documents from the floor of the House of Representatives.

One of the subjects of those conversations was a 2017 sex-trafficking bill that Gaetz argued was too broad and would penalize even those who didn’t know a partner was underage. He voted against the bill, which passed unanimously in the House.

Greenberg, who resigned as Seminole County tax collector in June 2020, currently faces a 33-count indictment on charges including sex trafficking of a minor. He pleaded not guilty but is expected to change his plea to guilty on Monday, as The Daily Beast first reported.

As part of his plea, he is expected to cooperate with the government in other investigations. His lawyer, Fritz Scheller, would not confirm or deny whether his client is cooperating with the Gaetz investigation, but said he would be willing to testify if called.

In recent weeks, federal investigators have interviewed multiple witnesses about the congressman’s behavior, including whether he had a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old girl and paid for her to travel out of state with him. Gaetz has repeatedly denied those allegations.

The congressman also faces an investigation by the House Ethics Committee for a range of allegations, including sexual misconduct, drug use, and campaign finance violations. The committee opened the investigation following a referral from the House Committee on Ethics.

Gaetz has been an outspoken supporter of former President Donald Trump and has been seen as a potential candidate for statewide office in Florida, including a potential run for governor in 2022. He has denied any wrongdoing and has suggested that he is the victim of a “smear campaign” by political opponents.