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An Inspection of Female Dark Cover Up Tattoos

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Female Dark Cover Up Tattoos

In my recent post, I have completely analyzed female empowerment tattoos; in European countries, every third person is getting tattoos which means tattooing is growing day by day. As the tattooing industry is increasing, the need to modify a tattoo is also taking birth. Suppose a woman had sketched a tattoo in the past, but as time passed and she grew up, she became more realistic about the world. Now, she wants to remove this unwanted tattoo; how will she go about that?

There are two solutions to this problem; first, she will have to remove this tattoo by surgery or some other treatment, and second, she to get another tattoo on the unwanted tattoo; this method is known as a female dark cover up tattoo. The first solution is probably very expensive to fade the unwanted tattoo by Laser or going into surgery. So, most people opt for the second solution, which is to get another dark cover up tattoo which is an easy as well as affordable choice. In this article, we will analyze female dark cover up tattoos.

Why do people choose to cover up tattoos?

There are many reasons why a man or a woman wants to cover up old tattoos or wanted to get rid of the old tattoos

  • If the previous tattoo is made up poorly
  • If the old tattoo is now starting to fade away
  • If the old tattoo reminds your bad days
  • If your choice is now changed

How to Choose Female dark cover up tattoos?

A particular unwanted tattoo needs a special kind of new tattoo to replace it because we have to completely make the old one invisible. We can’t just pick up the tattoos and use them for cover-ups; Rather, we first have to go through some important steps to choose a cover-up tattoo. Here I am going to share some effective tips for choosing a perfect cover-up tattoo.

1- Close to the Old ink

As we know, cover-up tattoos are placed over old or unwanted tattoos, So, always choose the color of the new ones quite similar to the old ones. In this way, newly made cover-up tattoos look very natural and more beautiful.

2- Style should also be similar

As I mentioned earlier about choosing a similar ink, most of the artists who do cover up tattoos suggest that your new tattoo’s style should be similar to the old one. It does not mean a hundred percent similar, but at least it should at least be a little bit similar to the old one, so it looks natural.

3- Size Issues

The artist always suggests their customers choose a tattoo bigger in size than the unwanted tattoo, so it covers all sides of the tattoo. As I have earlier said, We can’t just pick up a tattoo and use it for a cover-up because if a cover-up tattoo is smaller in size than the old one, how is it possible to make it look natural?

4- Prevention

Cover-up Tattoos need a lot more attention than other tattoos; clients have to wait until two or three sessions to know about the complete saturation of ink into the body. Cover-up tattoos need special attention to avoid any complications.

5- Using a Laser to remove an unwanted tattoo

As we have discussed earlier, there are different methods to remove the first or old unwanted tattoo; among all the methods using a Laser to fade away, a tattoo is the best one.

Sum up:

In this blog, we have discussed female dark cover up tattoos, what cover tattoos are, why people opt for cover up tattoos, and which are the main points we should keep in mind before going into choosing cover up tattoos to replace old tattoos.

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